Hotels and Serviced Apartments for Business Travelers in a Metro

The surge in demand for hotels among business travelers has led to the rise of business hotels
and business serviced apartments. Serviced apartments are like small flats, which have a
kitchenette, hall and a bedroom. These are typically preferred for long stays where the traveler
would want to use the kitchen for cooking purposes. Business hotels are more widely used and
perfect for short trips. Both these types have their own purpose and use and are available in
all major cities of India. Many national and international hotel chains are setting up more and
more business hotels in major cities across the country. The right example to consider would be
Bangalore, which hosts some of the best hotels in the country. Finding a leisure or business
hotels in Bangalore won’t be a difficult task but choosing the right one would make all the
difference. They are setting up hotels in all categories to meet the demand from all segments of
The economy is booming, which in turn is giving rise to business opportunities. More and more
businesses and startups are emerging, which means that there is more business for incumbent
institutions. As long as the companies exist, travel is prone to be there. No amount of
technological advancement can replace physical presence, which is achieved only when a
person relocates to another place to meet someone. So, business hotels are in high demand
and are preferred by most businessmen who are traveling to different cities for meeting
purposes. Many companies have tie-ups with major hotel chains for the accommodation of their
employees. Many businessmen too have tied up with specific hotels so that they get discounted
rates when they stay in the same hotel for their subsequent trips.
Serviced apartments are also catching the attention of travelers. These are preferred because
they are spacious and comfortable for long stays. The price difference between a business hotel
and serviced apartment of the same class is not significant. Hence, some businessmen prefer
these apartments. Besides, both hotels and serviced apartments provide other facilities like
banquet halls for meetings, restaurants, lounge, and bars. There is good ambiance to hold the meeting for few people. Moreover, most of these provide gymnasium facilities along with spa
facilities. Proper laundry and concierge facilities are a characteristic of good serviced
apartments and business hotels. A businessman can definitely unwind during his/her business
trip. The idea is to have a comfortable journey and accommodation.
For a businessman in today’s world, there is a lot of variety of hotels/apartments to choose
from. Each one has something unique about itself and provides all the basic features, which are
required for a typical business trip.

Rachit Grover

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