Emerging Demand for Business Hotels in Indian Metro Cities

Business travel has been on the rise with the emerging economy. It is considered to
be more efficient when an official travels to some place to meet his clients and
discuss deals as compared to what’s done through phone/e-mails. As the
economy is booming, the number of travelers has risen. More so, these businessmen
flock to good business hotels of metropolitan cities for their short stay.
Few conglomerates and multinational companies have their corporate guesthouses
across the country in major cities. Few have leased service apartments and the likes.
But the demand for short-term renting of business hotels is prominent for the rest of
the companies where the need for travel is not easily predictable. Most of these
companies have tie-ups with various hotels in major cities where they use the pay
per use model.
Bangalore, for example, is the ideal place to look when you talk about hospitality in
India.It offers a wide range of amazing business and leisure hotels that could easily
fit in the budget of one and all. For example, if you visit Bangalore and have business
in places like Koramangala or Electronic City, you can easily choose from some of the
hotels in Madivala, Hosur Road or even one of the good one in Koramangala.
The quality and quantity of business hotels have improved. Also, due to the presence
of many such hotels, one can get a good deal for his/her stay. Business hotels top up
the experience with great service and awesome food. Extra facilities like Wi-Fi and
breakfast are included as a part of the hotel stay package. The whole look and feel of
such business hotels is the very contemporary type of access to the gymnasium, spa,
lounge, and bars. It is the general trend to hold meetings in the hotel lobby, lounge or
reading room of the hotel. Staying in a good business hotel also gives a good
impression on the visitor. So, if the perceived quality of the stay is excellent, the
client may associate the same with the quality of product provided by the
businessman who has invited the client to a meeting. This can be considered as a
marketing tactic too. Businessmen are often loaded with a lot of work and 2-3 das
stay in a business hotel gives them an opportunity to unwind. The premium nature
of these hotels helps them relax and gives them the high level of satisfaction. Another
critical factor is that similar type of people stays in same hotels. So, it may happen
that a person finds his/her colleague, friend or relative in the same premise.
Summing up, business hotels in India have grown. You can find good quality hotels in
the major cities of the country. In the same city, you have the option to choose from
a set of hotels, which are located conveniently.

Rachit Grover

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